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Looks are EVERYTHING!!! The hard truth about setting up a vendor display booth. 1

Think about it.....

A person is walking through a busy vendor show, they only have a certain amount of time to visit as many vendors as possible. Which vendor booths will they take the time to stop at and why?

I don't care what you sell or how great your product is. People will stop at the booths that are visually appealing 1st, then what product you sell will be the 2nd reason a person visits your booth.

Want to pull people in that may not have thought about purchasing your product before? Make your booth look AMAZING! Give them a reason to enter your "product world" by creating a look and feel that they can't resist being a part of! Visual attractiveness will pull people in. It makes people curious. Even if they have never heard of your company, if they are visually attracted to your display, they will walk into your space to "find out" what it is you sell!

So what if you don't set up in a booth "space" and only have a 6 or 8 foot table to utilize to capture people's attention? GREAT! That's less work for you, but be CREATIVE! There are ways to utilize a small space to still give it that "wow factor"! Just don't over-do it! In a small space, less is definitely more! Give your display a clean, professional look. 

Don't set up your booth from the inside out. Set it up from the outside in! I know, I know......that sounds weird, but what it means is this: Set up your booth always imagining yourself as a potential customer looking in to your booth. Imagine what THEY are seeing as they walk by. Ask yourself, "would I want to stop by this booth?" 

How you set up your booth, table and product displays is essential to your success! Looks really ARE everything! 

Check back to read our next blog post on more specific tricks and ideas to really making your vendor booth or table stand out!!!

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Stack Displays - Corrugated Cardboard Counter Product Displays 0

Corrugated cardboard is made up of 3 different layers of brown kraft paper. The inner, middle piece of paper is fluted. Once all three layers are bound and glued together, it creates a really sturdy and strong, yet extremely lightweight material. Stack Displays are not only made from corrugated cardboard, but we take our displays one step further by adding a unique laminated finish to our displays. This adds another layer of strength to the cardboard, making the display much more durable. It is also easy to wipe off if something spills or gets on the display, instead of having a regular cardboard finish that would be more apt to "soak up" anything liquid. The finished cardboard counter display with the laminated finish is much more professional looking and will last much longer than a cardboard product without the lamination. 

We at Stack Displays take great pride in providing not only a very functional product, but one that looks pretty awesome, too! Our countertop displays come in many custom colors and designs, which will really make your products stand out at retail locations, vendor events, or where ever you decide to use our displays!

Pink vs Pink! Which Pink is right for you? 0

We now offer two colors of pink displays! Looking at them side by side makes it easier to choose which color will work best for you. The original pink is much brighter and bolder. The new pink is color coded to match companies like Pink Zebra and Perfectly Posh. If you are not sure which pink will look best with your products, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can help you out! 

Visit our facebook page to see more pictures of our displays, too!

Stack Displasy Pink Colors