Cardboard Counter Display - Purple with Purple Floral Design

Product Description

Original Stack Display - Solid Purple Display with Purple Floral Design

14" wide x 8" deep x 8" high with 4"deep shelves.

Use at vendor events, craft shows or in retail stores to display your products.

Stack Displays are extremely durable corrugated cardboard counter displays and come with a laminated finish that not only protects the display, but gives it a more professional look! You'll love the way your products look on our displays!

Recommended for Consultants in these companies:

  • Younique
  • Scentsy
  • Jamberry Nails

Customer Reviews

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1.) What are Stack Displays made out of? Stack Displays are made from a very thick special grade fluted corrugated cardboard that makes the displays very lightweight, yet are still extremely sturdy. We finish them off with a special laminated surface to add more durability with a professional look! Our displays are custom made in colors to match many company and product colors in the Direct Sales Industry. We've added supports under the shelves so the displays can withstand more weight! These aren't your ordinary cardboard displays! Custom designed by us, we know you'll love how great these displays function and look!

2.) What colors can I order my Stack Display in? In order to bring you the lowest price possible, we manufacture our displays in BULK, so our colors are limited to the colors we have in stock. If you have a request for a certain color or color combination, please send it to us! Once we get enough interest in a certain color, we can have it produced! Don't fret!!! More colors are coming soon!!!!!

3.) What size displays do you offer? Similarly to the question above, we can only sell the size we have in stock. We do intend to offer many more sizes and types of displays in the near future. If you have a request for a specific size or style of display, please send it to us! The current size we offer is a two tiered display that is 14" wide, 8" deep, 8" high with 4" deep shelves. We designed this display to be very functional. We think you'll be surprised at how much product it holds!

4.) Can I have my logo put on my display? Unfortunately at this time, we can not add logos on our displays. You can, however add your own, by putting any type of company logo sticker that you may have on your display or you can customize it with any type of vinyl lettering you may have. We do offer some design options to customize your display, such as adding a zebra or polka dot design to the front of the display for a minimal cost. Don't hesitate to put your creative hat on! Go to the craft store and pick up a few items from the scrapbooking section and "bling" out your display any way you choose!

5.) What products will you be offering in the future? We will eventually have many different types of displays in our store, including items such as ballot/lead boxes, catalog holders, unique business card holders, risers and much more. We will have risers that you can use with your Stack Displays to place two displays in front of the other, to make a 4 level display. Turn them over and use them to carry product in! You'll start to see a pattern with our products! One product, multiple uses! Pretty cool, eh?

6.) When will my products ship? Products will ship within 3-5 days of placing your order via USPS Priority Mail, but don't be upset if you receive your order sooner!

7.) Do you offer refunds? Refunds will not be given since we produce a customized product, unless you received your item and it is damaged. If you have received damaged or defective displays, they WILL be replaced free of charge! Just send us a pick of the damaged item and we will get a new one out to you right away! We want our customers to be happy!

8.) How are Shipping Charges Calculated? Yeah, we hate shipping charges, too, but being a small company, we don't have any choice but to charge for shipping. Most companies do, unless you're Amazon and have overtaken the online shipping world and can afford to NOT charge for shipping! There is a minimum shipping charge of at least $6.95. Buy a Bundle and you will get FREE SHIPPING!

9.) Are Stack Displays easy to put together? Absolutely!!! Don't let all the folds and creases scare you! We ship these to you flat to save on shipping charges, but they are easy to put together in no time! 2 hands work just fine, we promise! Need a little help? Check out our Video Instruction Page to see how to construct your display in just a few seconds!

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