Tips on Making Your Display Stand Out at Craft Shows and Vendor Events!



When you are participating in a craft show or vendor event, you really want to make YOUR products and YOUR displays stand out. Keep in mind there will be a LOT of other people there with other products and as customers gaze from one vendor table to the next, you want to create a display that STOPS people in their tracks and causes them to come and look closer at what YOU have to offer! 

Before people even realize WHAT your product is, they are drawn to what your entire display, table or booth looks like. Not the actual product itself. So when setting up your table or booth, be sure to step back away from it and look at it from the customers point of view. Ask yourself, "would this display make ME want to stop and take a closer look?"

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure you keep things simple. Don't add too many props within your display or on your table, that from a distance, it makes it hard to see what it is you are even offering! Adding props is ok, but make sure they have a cohesive look throughout your display. 

If you products are full of color or your product packaging has a lot of color in it, utilize displays and props that are solid in color to ensure that your products stand out. If your products do not have a lot of color or are made with solid color packaging, this is where utilizing displays with color or designs can really make your products POP! 

If you are displaying a LOT of products and carry a lot of inventory, don't display too much at once. If you have a lot of inventory on your table, make sure that it is neatly displayed. Utilize shelves or tiered displays to give the products height. It will also make it look more like a retail display and will give it a more professional look.

If you do not have a lot of inventory, that's ok too! Use stand up signs to explain your product which will take up more space on your table. Take pictures of your product, have them blown up into larger pictures, then have them laminated, which makes them easier to display. You can do this for just a few dollars at your local office supply store! 

ALWAYS have a banner with the name of your business! It doesn't need to be fancy. But it DOES need to have a professional look! Don't fill up your banner with too much information or over do it with too may pictures! Keep it simple! If you are utilizing a service like VistaPrint, or any other banner making services, just make sure you upload a file that is high resolution, to ensure your banner is printed with clear graphics!

Take the time to put some thought into what your display looks like. If you are serious about selling your products, the visual impression you make is key to selling your products! 


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