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Stack Displays Located in Columbus, Ohio USA
In 2013, after years of participating in many vendor events, farmer's markets, craft shows and expos ourselves, we kept searching for a better solution to displaying our products and making our vendor booths stand out. We wanted an easier way to set up our displays without having to lug a lot of extra items to our events, but still have it look unique from other vendors! 
There really wasn't a lot to choose from, unless you were attending more of a professional expo. Professional displays and table coverings that were customized for your business with graphics would then set you back hundreds and even a few thousand dollars. These types of products are also a little more formal looking and not exactly appropriate to set up at your local farmers market or craft show! 
Since this niche of product wasn't really out there, we decided to create it ourselves! We started with our signature Stack Displays and they immediately became a huge hit! 
We make our displays so they are grades above your typical stock displays that you can buy online. Not only are they stronger and more durable and come in a stronger laminated finish, but we wanted to make sure we offered them in colors and designs you couldn't get any where else! Having custom cardboard displays made is expensive and there is always a minimum number you have to purchase, to get the best price. With Stack Displays, ours come in packs of just 2, so you can choose the quantity that is right for your needs!
In the Fall of 2017, we introduced our new exclusive line of Table Covers that we designed to coordinate with our product displays! To say these were a hit is an understatement! We sell our table covers as quickly as we can make them, so our production Team is constantly on their toes!
Our wood designs are very unique! We create them ourselves, so you will not find table covers like ours anywhere else! Most importantly, they are made from an extremely durable fabric that will last for years! We use a special printing process that prints the design INTO the fabric, instead of on top of it. No matter how many times you wash your cover, the design and fabric will always look as good as the day you purchased it! We also sew them to fit your table like a glove!
Now you can look forward to your vendor events and craft shows, parties, weddings and other special events and leave the worry about setting up behind! 
We are located in Columbus, Ohio, so we can typically get you what you need in a very short period of time. In a time crunch? We always love to hear from our customers! Chat with us online or message us via facebook and we can let you know if we can accommodate you with faster shipping!
We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support of our small business!
Stack Displays