Company "Thank You" & Update During Covid-19

Company "Thank You" & Update During Covid-19 0

Here at Stack Displays, we are all about events and celebrations!

Unfortunately, most events have been cancelled during the Covid-19 shutdown. Our company, similar to most small businesses in America, has been hit hard by this shutdown. Still, we believe it was the right thing to do. It helped to keep ourselves, our friends and our families safe and to get through this pamdemic as safely as we possibly can. #inthistogether

Our current sale was our way to not only give back to our customers during this difficult time, but it also helped to keep our business afloat so that we could continue bringing you the quality products we have offered for the last 7 years. #weappreciateyou

THANK YOU, to everyone who has supported us during this time and took advantage of our sale. It truly did make a difference and we are very grateful! It saved jobs and will enable us to hopefully pick up where we left off before the shutdown began. If you haven't yet taken advantage of our current sale, you still have until April 30th to do so! Click HERE to see our SALE!

From here, as the country begins to slowly reopen, we will continue to ship our products as we have been doing. Shipping times have increased a bit, but only by a few days. We are seeing increased shipping times by USPS and UPS, as well. Our inventory, however, has been depleted, as we have shut down production until sometime next month, Many products/sizes will continue to go on back-order until we can re-start production. If you have an upcoming event this Summer or early Fall, it will be best to order as early as possible, as it will take us some time to completely restock our products.

We hope you and your family are healthy and continue to be. We look forward to being a part of your upcoming events and celebrations once again!

From our Family to Yours,
The Stack Displays Team
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Limited Edition Design Fitted Table Covers from Stack Displays

Limited Edition Design Fitted Table Covers from Stack Displays 0

Limited Edition Designs - Fitted Table Covers - New designs will be available soon for Fall! Limited quantities available, so order early!
Table Covers from Stack Displays - Inventory UPDATE!!

Table Covers from Stack Displays - Inventory UPDATE!! 0

Due to the overwhelming requests for other sizes, we have added 4' and 8' Table Covers. Please understand that we are selling these faster than we can make them, so if you have an upcoming event, please plan ahead and order your cover EARLY.
Perfect Holiday Gifts for Crafters & Small Business Owners!

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Crafters & Small Business Owners! 0

Do you know someone that sells or makes their own products or has a small business of their own? Do you know someone in the direct sales industry? How about someone that attends craft shows, vendor events, expos or farmer's markets?

Products from Stack Displays make the perfect gift for any of your small business friends! There is nothing more appreciated than a gift that someone can actually use! Better yet, a gift that helps them set up their displays and sell their products more easily!

Small business owners have more expenses than you realize and many will skimp on what they use to set up their displays to save money. Yet how their display looks is one of the most important aspects of giving their customers a good impression about their products and their business!

Our product displays and table covers are a gift they will be excited to use and will certainly appreciate!

Not sure what to order your small business friend? Click the online chat button at the bottom of our website and we will be happy to help you pick out the right gift!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

The Stack Displays Team!

Holiday Gift Guide from Stack Displays

Holiday Gift Guide from Stack Displays

New Faux Wood Displays and Table Covers!

New Faux Wood Displays and Table Covers! 0

Faux Wood Displays & Table Covers from Stack Displays


We are so excited to announce our NEW Faux Wood line of products coming LATE FALL 2017!

We are introducing both displays and table covers that look like real wood, but certainly won't be as heavy as carrying the real thing!

These products will really transform your table display or vendor booth! You'll be able to easily create a rustic or vintage look, or even a natural organic look, depending upon the color of wood displays or table covers that you choose to use!

We love the way these designs have turned out after spending so much time designing them to look as realistic as possible! You'll be quite surprised when you see them!

We'd love to hear your comments on this new line!

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