NEW Vendor Table Tablecloths & Table Covers Coming SOON to Stack Displays!

NEW Vendor Table Tablecloths & Table Covers Coming SOON to Stack Displays! 0

We are SO excited!

We are currently working on our new line of unique table covers! These table covers and tablecloths will really make your vendor table stand out and will be the perfect addition to your Stack Displays! It will give your entire vendor booth a more custom look, using our faux designs, without the custom price! We will also have a line of coordinating table runners, too!

(Pictures shown are a rendition of our uniquely designed faux wood tablecloths and table covers)

These tablecovers will be very durable and washable, so you can use them for both indoor and outdoor vendor events, craft shows or at farmer's markets to make your diplays super unique and noticeable!

Want to help us design our line or give us input into what colors, designs and patterns you would like to see us carry? Join our STACK DISPLAYS VIP GROUP and let us know! We love hearing from our customers!

Need help with setting up your vendor display or are you looking for some new ideas? Ask our community for advice! Its filled with lots of people who are looking for new ideas and ways to set up their own unique vendor display, too!

We expect to have our new tablecloths & table covers available September 2017. Our first line will be a very limited number and will be available to order ahead of time during our pre-sale in August 2017. Join our Stack Displays VIP Group and be the first to find out when our pre-sale will begin! 6-8 different tablecloth designs will be available in our first run! We will be offering a small number of both 6' and 8' table sizes. If you are looking to use these during your 2017 Fall and Winter Holiday Events, be sure to order during our pre-sale in August!

More news and updates on our tablecloths will be available soon!





The Best Type of Displays to Use at Vendor Events & Craft Shows for Natural and Organic Products!

The Best Type of Displays to Use at Vendor Events & Craft Shows for Natural and Organic Products! 0

Choosing the right type of display for your natural products is important in giving people the right impression about what you sell!


How often should I change or update my vendor table display?

How often should I change or update my vendor table display? 0

Update your vendor table - Stack Displays

We get this question a lot......

How often should I change the look of my vendor table, craft table, or vendor booth?

If you attend vendor events or craft shows every month and have repeat customers that see you each month, or even quarterly, we recommend changing up the look of your display AT LEAST 4 times a year.

It's similar to the way retail stores utilize merchandising to change up the look of their store, signage and product displays to coordinate with different seasons. It gives your customers a fresh look at what you are selling, even if the products aren't new! Customers who frequent craft shows or vendor events look for their favorite vendors more than you realize, so periodically, give them something new to see!

One of the easiest ways to do this is to change your display and coordinate it with the different seasons. You don't want to get crazy with too many decorations, but something as simple as adding a vase of Spring flowers to your table or changing the color of your tablecloth in March can give it a whole new Spring feel! When winter has been dragging on, people welcome the idea that Spring is around the corner and puts people in a good mood!

Signage is another easy way to change the look of your display. Print off colorful 5"x7" or 8.5"x11" signs that you can have laminated and then display on your table that coordinate with the look you are going for. In Spring, add a floral border to the sign in colors that coordinate with your products and display! You can purchase inexpensive sign holders here that will make displaying these signs really easy and won't take up very much room!

You can also change the color of the product displays you use on your table, too. This is another simple, yet inexpensive way to give your vendor table a whole new look! Product displays come in so many different colors and designs, which makes them fun and easy to use to change up your display more often! Click here to view product displays you may want to use.

Lastly, be SUBTLE in your changes. You don't need to be SO literal or go overboard. Just add enough or change enough to give your vendor table display or booth a fresh look that is consistent with the time of the year you are selling your products for.

Look for more craft show and vendor event tips from Stack Displays in other blog posts!

Stack Displays Vendor Event Table Display Ideas and Tips

Sign Holders, sign stands, ssign easels from Stack Displays

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Stack Displays Vendor Table Displays for Craft Shows

Stack Displays Bundles

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New Sign Holders are Now Available!

New Sign Holders are Now Available! 0

Want to set up the perfect vendor table display? 

Setting your products up at a vendor event or craft show is only half the battle! Figuring out a way to put signs up, information about your products & company or signs with prices is the other half of the battle!

Stack Displays has some new products that will now make it easier for you to display any type of signage on your next vendor table!

Easel Sign Stands - These stand up sign stands are perfect for you to display an 8.5"x11" piece of paper. They come with an attached easel on the back, so displaying it is so simple!

Sign Stands - Our other sign stands are also sometimes called "Sign Feet" or "Sign Foot Holders" and come in 4 different sizes. These low profile sign holders will work with many types of signs. Please read the description of each one to find out which will best suit your needs, or feel free to click on our live chat button in the bottom right hand side of our website and we will be happy to  assist you!  

Click here to view all of our available sign stands and other accessories!


Why Attending Vendor Events is Crucial to the Success of Your Home Party Plan / Direct Sales Business

Why Attending Vendor Events is Crucial to the Success of Your Home Party Plan / Direct Sales Business 0

Lets face it......the Home Party Plan - Direct Sales Industry has changed. Technology has totally transformed this industry and it will never be the same.

Gone are the days of holding 3-5 home parties a week to build your Direct Sales Business. Heck, even holding 1-2 home parties a week is pushing it. Now, most Consultants in the industry are lucky to hold 1-2 parties a MONTH!

Home parties used to be the ONLY way to build a Direct Sales Business and be successful. The idea was to book a few parties, to meet new people, to book MORE parties, to meet even MORE PEOPLE and so on. It was about exponential growth......and it was built on building personal relationships. It was done locally in your own city.

We didn't have the internet. There were no facebook parties back then and people socialized more in person. People used to LOOK FORWARD to getting together with their friends in person at home parties. Today, people don't feel as much of an urge to get together at home parties because they already "feel" constantly connected to their friends through social media.  

Maybe they should rename the Home Party Plan Industry to the SOCIAL SELLING INDUSTRY, instead! After all, that really is what it has become, right?

So how do we adapt to this change? Depending upon your age, you may not know anything is different. Holding Facebook Parties seems like the norm to you. However, what you may not know is that it is still CRUCIAL to the success of your business to build a local customer base and a Team of Consultants that you are CONNECTED to IN PERSON!!! You can influence someone when you are face to face with them so much more than you can if you are only conversing with them online. Holding Facebook parties is great, but you are still missing that personal element! 

So, how do you do this, you ask, when people aren't willing to hold in home parties anymore? It's SIMPLE! ATTEND VENDOR EVENTS!!!!

Vendor events now come in 2nd place to holding parties online when it comes to building a Direct Sales Business. Home Parties, in our opinion, comes in third. So if you are not willing or able to hold in home parties, or you haven't mastered the art of Facebook Parties, vendor events is the KEY to meeting those new people and building personal relationships with them. Its how you build your local customer base of people who will come back to you to get more product, especially if you sell a consumable product! If you service your customers well, people are truly loyal. Most people know how this business works and your customers will come back to YOU because of the relationship you have built with person!

This is also the best way to Sponsor new Consultants and build a local Team. Why is that important when you can just sponsor people you've met online? Because if you want to influence and inspire your team to become successful, you can do it so much more effectively in person, than you can online. Remember, the only way YOU will become successful as a Leader is to have successful Consultants on your Team!

Success at Vendor Events

Keep in mind that selling products at vendor events is just as important as meeting lots of new people. You want people to go home with your products, experience them and fall in love with them. But you also need to make sure that you have a way to get back in touch with them, too! Depending upon the event, you wont have time to sit and get to know EVERY single person. You may get too busy at times, so it is crucial to get their contact info, especially their EMAIL ADDRESS!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have each person fill out a door prize drawing slip, which includes all of their info, so that you have a way to get back with them, or add them to your email list. Invest in giving away a really nice door prize, or a basket of a sampling of your products. Trust us, it will be worth it! Remember, you want them to give you their give them a good reason to!

Door prize slips should ALWAYS include:

1) Name

2) Phone Number

3)Email Address

Ask these three questions:

1) Are you interested in Hosting a Party to receive FREE PRODUCTS  YES/NO

2) Are you interested in learning more about becoming a Consultant?  YES/NO

3) Would you like to be informed about upcoming specials, sales or events?  YES/NO

Now that you understand how crucial attending vendor events is to building your Direct Sales Business, now its time to FIND the events and get them on your calender!

Vendor events are easy find on facebook. Just type in "vendor events" and the "name of your city, state or county in the search field. You'll be surprised at how many groups are set up that discuss and promote vendor events and craft shows in your area!

We recommend events that are least at first. Doing large expos can be costly and are very ovewhelming for the first timer. Events that typically cost $25-$50 are your best best and wont break the bank. 

Its also important to do MANY events. Not just one or two. Not every event will be successful. Ask others who have attended the event in the past to see if it was successful for them. Events that have been around year after year are usually best, as attendance will typically be better. The more events you do, the better you will get at it and the more people you will meet. Reinvest the money you make at one event into buying more product for cash & carry at your next event and so on. Don't be surprised when you see some of the same customers from one event at another event! Attending multiple events helps you to build brand recognition and that shows poeple that you are serious about your business. Let your customers know what other events you will be attending so that they can look for you!

Lastly, be sure to create an inviting booth or table display that really shows off your products. Keep things simple and uncluttered. (This is where Stack Displays really come in handy!) You want your booth or table to look inviting. Always have some sort of banner so that people can easily see what you sell and to also give a more professional look. Display your products at different heights using something like our tiered displays. It lifts your products off the table and allows you to group your items in ways that make sense to the customer. Be sure to always have a solid color tablecloth that not only covers the entire table, but goes down to the floor to cover the legs of the table, as well. Their are lots of articles on creating the perfect vendor display table or vendor booth, so be sure to do some research. The best thing to do is to attend some vendor events and look at how others have set up their booths, tables or displays. This will give you some inspiration on how you may want to set up yours!

Good Luck at your next event and happy VENDORING!

To your success,

The Stack Displays Team!





*Vendor Pictures Coutesy of:


Perfectly Posh

Partner with Adrienne




Stack Displays - New Colors Now Available!

Stack Displays - New Colors Now Available! 0

Our two newest Stack Display colors have already become a hit with our customers and will continue to be available in 2017!

BURLAP DISPLAYS - We love these new versatile displays and expect them to become one of our biggest sellers! This design will be sure to give your display and products a more natural, organic feel. The natural look is definitely in, so stay on trend with these cool new displays!

Our Burlap Displays are perfect for:

Soapers - Do you make handmade soap? Our displays are great for all kinds of handcrafted items and make the perfect display for your soaps!

Homemade Bath & Body Products  - Do you create your own line line of homemade bath & body products? If you do, chances are, "all natural" is your selling point! These displays will really give your products a natural and organic feel!

Cosmetics & Makeup  - Cosmetics and makeup products fit perfectly on our displays. Its a great way to give smaller products a lift up on your table and make them stand out more!

Health & Wellness Products - Our Burlap displays will give your health and wellness products a more organic and natural feel!

Handcrafted Products & Gifts - Use our displays to make certain items you are selling stand out from the others!

Candles - Soy candles are so popular now! Give your handcrafted candles a natural looking display with our new Burlap Stack Display. Each step is 4" deep, so our displays will fit a wide range of candle sizes!

Click here to purchase our Burlap Displays

Stack Displays - Burlap Cardboard Counter Display

LIME GREEN DISPLAYS - These displays are extremely eye catching and will be sure to capture the attention of your customers at any vendor event! Its the perfect backdrop to any product you really want to stand out! Do you have a monthly special, something on sale or a new product? These displays will showcase your products that you really want your customers to see. 

The color of these displays is Pantone 375 C. It is NOT florescent and is a beautiful shade of true lime green!

Click here to purchase our Lime Green Displays

Stack Displays - Lime Green Cardboard Display