Stack Displays 10,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway Contest!

Stack Displays 10,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway Contest! 1

Most people know that starting a new business can be tough. VERY TOUGH! Starting a new business is more than just coming up with a great idea or a cool new product to sell. There are so many facets to getting a new business off the ground, that it can seem almost overwhelming at times!. From funding your business, building your website, sourcing or manufacturing your product line, to learning the ins and outs of social media marketing. This list really does go on and on! I think most new business owners will agree that there is more to this than anyone ever imagined! No matter how prepared you think you are, there is always something unexpected and more that needs to be done to be successful!

However, 2016 kicks off our third full year in business and we truly couldn't have done it without all of the support from our amazing customers and social media fans! It's how we built our business. We put ourselves out there and built a product we knew you would love and worked feverishly to brand ourselves and build a following. Every month we have continued to grow and we have YOU, our loyal fans and customers, to thank! Our company wouldn't be where it is today without YOU!

To show our appreciation, we are doing a 10,000 Fans Facebook Giveaway Contest! Once we reach 10,000 fans, we will randomly pick different fans who will receive FREE products from Stack Displays! We really want to take this time to show our appreciation for all of the love and support we have received over the last 3 years!  

Thank you for supporting our Small Business and for those that shop local or with other small business owners you know. It really DOES make a difference!!

If you'd like to participate in our 10,000 FB Fans Giveaway Contest, please click HERE

With much gratitude,

The Stack Displays Home Office Team!


NEW Brochure Holders from Stack Displays!

NEW Brochure Holders from Stack Displays! 0

New for 2016! Brochure holders that match our Stack Displays! Sold in a 2 PACK!

Now you can easily display all of your postcards, blitz cards or brochures on your vendor table in our new matching BROCHURE HOLDERS! Lightweight, yet very sturdy and easy to transport to your events! You can also use these at home on your desk to keep your literature organized! 

The inside dimensions are 4 3/4" wide x 2" deep. Overall dimensions are 6 1/2" wide x 7" high.

Our new brochure holders were designed to be a little bigger than ordinary brochure holders to accomodate different size postcards, as well as over-sized brochures, which makes our holders more versatile. They were also designed to sit deeper, so that if used at an outdoor event, they are less likely to blow over. Use in your home office to keep your brochures or postcards organized!

Made with the same materials as our Stack Displays with our signature laminated finish, you will love how lightweight, yet sturdy these brochure holders are!



Holiday Themed Stack Displays Now Available

Holiday Themed Stack Displays Now Available 0

It's that time of the year again! Holiday craft shows, bazaars and vendor events are in full swing!

If you have products that are geared toward the Holiday Season, show them off on our 2015 Holiday Stack Display! It is white with red polka dots and will be sure to catch your customers attention when your product is placed on it!

Use it to display holiday specials, or to to add some holiday cheer to your display!

These displays are only being offered for a LIMITED TIME and are available while they last, so order yours today!

2015 Holiday Stack Displays

Creating an Unforgettable Display at Vendor Events & Craft Shows! 4

You arrive early and start setting up your booth. It's early in the morning and you only have a certain amount of time before the event starts. As you are closer to being all set up, you find yourself gazing at the other booths or vendor tables. Not because you are curious as to what products they sell, but because you are sizing up the way their booth looks compared to yours!  Come on.....admit it! Everyone does! At this point, you ask yourself, "Does my booth look as good as theirs?" Honestly, you SHOULD be asking yourself this question!

How your booth looks is very important because you only have a short amount of time to get the attention of the largest number of people that you can! Which booths people go to will depend upon which ones visually stand out first. Customers also know that they only have a certain amount of time to visit all of the booths before the end of the event, so they are certainly going to go to the ones that seem worthy of their time!



  • Don't get in a rut doing the same thing. If you attend many events and have a local following, change your display up a bit to give your customers something new to see each time they visit your booth, without taking away from your basic theme.
  • Have a theme or recognizable look to your booth. Utilize color or design to make your booth visially appealing and recognizable to repeat customers.
  • Don't have a FLAT display. Build up your display using different levels. Raise items on the back of your table up higher and at eye level, then place items in the front of the display lower.
  • Use props that make sense. Don't use too many props that clutter your table and confuse people as to what you actually sell.
  • Brand yourself with brochures, business cards or postcards and display them easily for people to take. These items do not have to expensive, but having them makes you look more professional and gives people a way to contact you after the event.
  • If you sell jewelry or apparel items, have a mirror that your customers can use to see how your products look on them.
  • Display your products so that customers can easily try them on, or view them.
  • Utilize extra lighting in your booth. Even if you are just using vendor tables, extra lighting that is facing your products will really make a big difference! Even if there is enough lighting at your event, you'd be surprised what adding a little extra direct lighting on your products does! 
  • Price ALL of your products for sale. If the event is busy, you may lose customers who have to wait just to find out the cost of your items.
  • Be creative with your display. Try and imagine that your display is an actual retail display in a store. How would that look? Just because it is a vendor event, doesn't mean your display has to look cheap!
  • Utilize the space well. There are many ways to fill up a booth space. Decide if you should allow customers to come into your booth, or if it would be more feasable to have your tables on the outside perimeter of the space. Do you want to be in front talking directly to your customers, or should you be behind your tables? These are important things to consider!
  • Make sure you have easy access to all of the supplies you need. Order forms, credit card processor, your cash and anything else you need to complete your sale.
  • Utilize fabric curtains around your tent or booth space that coordinate with your display. 
  • Solid color tabelcloths are usually best. Using patterns will make it harder for people to see your products. 
  • Use a well fitting tablecloth. A sure fire way to make your display look cheap is to not use a tablecloth that actually fits your table well and covers the entire table in the front and sides.
  • Brand your products using creative labels. Again, these don't have to expensive. They can even be simple hang tag labels. Make them yourself, especially if your items are handmade. Add information about the product along with your website or contact info on the labels.
  • After the event, look around at some of the other booths and displays. Take notes on things that other people are doing that you like. You can get a lot of great ideas on what you can do differently at your next event! 
  • Just remember, simple is better. Having a clean look to your display will always win over having a cluttered display with too much stuff. 


Using PINK in Your Product Displays and Vendor Booth 0

Pink Tiered Product Table Vendor Displays

If the color PINK is your main product or branding color, here are some tips on how to use it more effectively when setting up a product display or vendor booth!



Most of us know that pink is represented with feelings of love, nurturing or compassion. Some shades of pink give off a feeling of romance or intimacy, while other bolder shades can make you feel more on the "passionate" side! If your main color is PINK, then it is probably safe to say that the majority of your potential customers are women. Most women are comfortable with the color pink. It is calming and puts people in a more nurturing or calm state of mind.


Visually, PINK is usually appealing to women, however, it is possible to utilize TOO MUCH pink in your display or on a single vendor table. If your space is small, or you are just utilizing one or two tables to set up, don't over-do it with too much pink. If your products are PINK or have a lot of PINK in the packaging, make them stand out by using a contrasting color like a black table covering or by using a black product display to set them on. I'm a big fan of using a black backround for many types of displays, as it makes it easier to give your products and what you are selling "center stage". However, if your products themselves are black or have very dark colors in their packaging, then you may want to use a lighter contrasting color to set them on. 

Be careful of using different shades of PINK that DO NOT match! It is ok to use different shades of the SAME COLOR. Think of how ombré colors looks, or a color swatch that you get from the paint store. They are different shades of the same color and it is very pleasing to the eye. 


Not all women like a "girly" feel to things and using the wrong shades of pink or too much pink can make your display look like it is geared to a YOUNGER female demographic. So unless your potential customers are little girls, tweens or teens, be careful of the shades of pink you use and HOW MUCH PINK you use! Again, unless you are appealing to little girls, less is more when using pink!


A PINK vendor booth will definitely stand out in the crowd. Many people today are utilizing different color pop up tents, not only to match the color of their branding, but more importantly, to make their booth stand out! When you are setting up among many vendors, each using a tent, a pink booth or pop-up tent will definitely catch the eyes of your potential female customers! They will also be able to easily locate you in a crowd of many vendors. If you can, make sure to buy a pink tent that is the right shade of pink and matches the colors you are using in your display! Things like this may not seem very important, but I have had people visit my own booth in the past, simply because they recognized the color of my tent and the way I visually set it up. I used to also utilize curtains around my tent to give it a more refined, beautiful feel. So, if you do multiple events, don't discount what the outside of your booth looks like, as well as the inside!


If you are setting up a booth utilizing a lot of pink, you can add some items that can give the color pink a more mature, classy feel to it. Some of the most beautiful display booths I have seen have had a faux chandelier hanging from the middle of the tent! Adding some acrylic or solid black displays can also give your entire display a more sophisticated look.


PINK is a beautiful color, but be mindful to how you use it, what SHADES you use and how MUCH of it you use! As I always suggest, stand back from your display when you set it up and look at it from the point of view of the customer walking by.

We always love seeing how people set up their displays or vendor booths, so feel free to send us pics and show us how you do it! We might just feature you on our Facebook PageInstagram, or Pinterest account! Comment below and give us YOUR thoughts on using the color PINK!


 Pink Stack Displays for Vendor Events and Craft Shows


Tips on Making Your Display Stand Out at Craft Shows and Vendor Events! 6


When you are participating in a craft show or vendor event, you really want to make YOUR products and YOUR displays stand out. Keep in mind there will be a LOT of other people there with other products and as customers gaze from one vendor table to the next, you want to create a display that STOPS people in their tracks and causes them to come and look closer at what YOU have to offer! 

Before people even realize WHAT your product is, they are drawn to what your entire display, table or booth looks like. Not the actual product itself. So when setting up your table or booth, be sure to step back away from it and look at it from the customers point of view. Ask yourself, "would this display make ME want to stop and take a closer look?"

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure you keep things simple. Don't add too many props within your display or on your table, that from a distance, it makes it hard to see what it is you are even offering! Adding props is ok, but make sure they have a cohesive look throughout your display. 

If you products are full of color or your product packaging has a lot of color in it, utilize displays and props that are solid in color to ensure that your products stand out. If your products do not have a lot of color or are made with solid color packaging, this is where utilizing displays with color or designs can really make your products POP! 

If you are displaying a LOT of products and carry a lot of inventory, don't display too much at once. If you have a lot of inventory on your table, make sure that it is neatly displayed. Utilize shelves or tiered displays to give the products height. It will also make it look more like a retail display and will give it a more professional look.

If you do not have a lot of inventory, that's ok too! Use stand up signs to explain your product which will take up more space on your table. Take pictures of your product, have them blown up into larger pictures, then have them laminated, which makes them easier to display. You can do this for just a few dollars at your local office supply store! 

ALWAYS have a banner with the name of your business! It doesn't need to be fancy. But it DOES need to have a professional look! Don't fill up your banner with too much information or over do it with too may pictures! Keep it simple! If you are utilizing a service like VistaPrint, or any other banner making services, just make sure you upload a file that is high resolution, to ensure your banner is printed with clear graphics!

Take the time to put some thought into what your display looks like. If you are serious about selling your products, the visual impression you make is key to selling your products! 


 Burlap Stack Displays