Don't Forget Your Business Cards!


Ok, admit it. You run your own business, yet time after time, you find yourself talking about your business with others and then realize, "I don't have any business cards with me!"  I guess I don't have to tell you how important it is to ALWAYS carry business cards, or something that you can give to a potential customer so that after you have spent all that time convincing them how great your product or service is, they actually have a way to contact you! 

Keep an extra box of cards in your car, so no matter where you go, you always have extras. You also never know when you might find a place where you are allowed to leave a stack of cards, so always have plenty with you! If you carry a stack of cards in your purse, always keep them in a ziplock baggie, so that they don't get dirty. There is nothing worse then having to hand someone a business card that has crumpled edges or the sign of makeup that has made its way onto your cards!

Are you displaying your products at vendor events, craft shows or farmers markets? Place your business cards in various places on your vendor table next to a variety of products. If you are busy with other customers, or have to step away from your vendor table, you want to make it easy for people to take your contact info with them! 

Stack Displays has made it easy to display your business cards with our new business card holders that attaches to your displays! This is a very inexpensive and simple way to make your business cards available in multiple places on your table, without taking up more table space!

Click on this link to order your business card holders today!

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