The Best Type of Displays to Use at Vendor Events & Craft Shows for Natural and Organic Products!

The Best Type of Displays to Use at Vendor Events & Craft Shows for Natural and Organic Products!

Burlap Cardboard Vendor Table Displays

Choosing the right type of display for your natural products is important in giving people the right impression about what you sell!

Do you sell any of these products that are handmade, natural or organic?

  • Handmade Soap
  • Handcrafted Body Butters
  • Homemade Body Scrubs
  • Handcrafted Soy Candles
  • Natural Lip Balms
  • Bath Bombs
  • Handcrafted Pottery Pieces or Mugs
  • Organic Skincare Products
  • Natural Makeup

If so, then you really want to choose a display that gives your customers an organic feel!

Metal displays are ok, but they are heavy and bulky and hard to transport to events.

Wood displays definitely give that natural, rustic feel, but again, they are heavy and bulky.

Choose a display that has an organic or natural feel and look, without the added weight or bulkiness. Use a natural fabric like burlap, sisel or natural linen to cover boxes to create a natural set of risers on your vendor table at your next craft show. If you use different size boxes that nest inside of each other, then they will be even easier to transport!

Of course our favorite way to display natural products is on our Burlap Stack Displays! This is really the easiest way to present your products and display them at vendor events, craft shows or farmer's markets, without having to carry big heavy displays to your events! You'll also save time setting up and breaking down your display, too! 

Check them out here: BURLAP STACK DISPLAYS

Natural Burlap Cardboard Tiered Vendor Table Stack Display Shelves

Natural Craft Show Table Displays

2 Tiered Cardboard vendor Table Displays

To view other types of product displays & accessories for your next vendor event or craft show, click HERE!

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