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Can I Really Be Successful in Direct Sales? 2

Can I really be successful as a Direct Sales Consultant? The answer is a resounding "YES", but only if you understand and adapt certain things into your mindset. In Direct Sales, there is a direct correlation between the efforts that you put towards yourself and the efforts that you put towards helping OTHERS succeed.

We all know that anyone can make a nice part time income selling the products they are so passionate about. How much money you make is determined by your personal sales by taking orders, holding home parties or by setting up a table or booth at vendor events or craft shows. 


Building a successful Direct Sales Business takes time. It takes consistent effort over a period of time. If you work your business full time, you can expect that it will take on average at least two years to build a significant income. If you aren't able to work it full time, it will take longer. You would be surprised at how many people actually quit after spending just 3 months with their company. Most people aren't able to see the big picture or understand how exponential growth works. You HAVE to stick with it to succeed. Success will NEVER come overnight.

Building a strong personal business is KEY, however, we ALL know that the "big money" is earned by building a TEAM of Consultants. That's what every compensation plan in the Direct Sales industry is set up to you MORE money for sponsoring other Consultants and working with them to build their business. That is how the company grows, but there is a balance of the two. Do what ever it takes to build YOUR business, but be just as willing to help other people build theirs. Not just because YOUR income will grow, but because you truly care about helping THEIR income grow, as well.


Don't make the mistake of trying to motivate people. You can't really motivate a person. Motivation comes from within. You CAN, however, INSPIRE people to become motivated! There are so many ways to inspire people, but the number one thing you can do is to "lead by example". When others see that you are willing to do what ever it takes and they see the success that comes from that, that will inspire them to do the same thing! Don't EVER encourage someone on your Team to do any action you are not willing to do yourself. This gives the impression that you think you are better than others and are only encouraging them to do things that will ultimately build YOUR income, but not necessarily theirs. Do you want your Consultants to book more home parties? Go out and book a ton of parties yourself! 


Yes! We said get an attitude.....and we meant it....but it MUST be a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This industry isn't always fun and games. It takes a LOT of hard work! Their will be challenges and obstacles to overcome. You WILL have setbacks. There will be times of the year your business will be slower than others. Some people that join your team will quit. These things WILL happen. How you handle it and the attitude you decide to have will determine how successful you become. STAY POSITIVE and show the Consultants on your team how to overcome these obstacles with grace and patience. Set a good example for them to follow. Don't forget, you ARE the Leader of the PACK!

TO YOUR SUCCESS!!! ~ Stack Displays