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Displaying & Packaging Your Homemade Products at Farmer's Markets & Craft Shows 0

What is the best way to display your homemade products? It really depends upon how you have packaged them!

If you have created beautiful packaging for your homemade products, keep your displays simple! Let the product and the packaging stand out and be the focal point on your vendor table!

This doesn't mean that your products need to be packaged in some elaborate way. It just means they need to be beautiful and consistent from one product to another. Find special bottles or jars that you don't typically see to package your products in. Beautiful packaging is what draws people into your vendor booth, before they even know what the product is!

Displaying your homemade products & crafts doesn't have to be difficult. Below is a picture of 3 different products with 3 different types of packaging, but all are on the same display.

#1 Lulu and Max Skincare - Here you can see that they have really put care into choosing the packaging for their products. From their soap to their perfumes, you really notice how beautiful their product line is. When placed on a solid white Stack Display, you can see the products are still the focal point, but the two step design of the display really makes their products stand out and gives the products a nice presentation.

These products not only look beautiful, but we have to also give two thumbs up on the quality of their products, too! We couldn't resist and took a couple of bars of their Goat Milk Soap home and we will probably never use regular soap again! Check out their products at 

#2 The picture of the Jams and Jellies are from the Black Radish Creamery, located in Central Ohio. From a branding and display perspective, they hit the nail on the head. Their products are packaged in very simple product jars, but in this case, it works. These jars allow the beautiful colors of the products to be the focal point on a blackdrop of black displays and fabric on their vendor table. They have really given their company a unique look that you notice when you walk by their booth! Their products taste amazing, too! I had never heard of a black radish before! You can find them at

#3 Latshaw Apiaries lets their products do the talking at their Farmers Market Booth! They keep things pretty simple which allows people to come to their booth, try their honey products and grab what they want. For those who sell a lot of product at their Farmer's Markets or Craft Shows, this can be a better approach. The displays are then easy to refill as the product is sold. This company had an amazing habanero honey! They are located in Alexandria, Ohio. Check them out at