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Corrugated cardboard is made up of 3 different layers of brown kraft paper. The inner, middle piece of paper is fluted. Once all three layers are bound and glued together, it creates a really sturdy and strong, yet extremely lightweight material. Stack Displays are not only made from corrugated cardboard, but we take our displays one step further by adding a unique laminated finish to our displays. This adds another layer of strength to the cardboard, making the display much more durable. It is also easy to wipe off if something spills or gets on the display, instead of having a regular cardboard finish that would be more apt to "soak up" anything liquid. The finished cardboard counter display with the laminated finish is much more professional looking and will last much longer than a cardboard product without the lamination. 

We at Stack Displays take great pride in providing not only a very functional product, but one that looks pretty awesome, too! Our countertop displays come in many custom colors and designs, which will really make your products stand out at retail locations, vendor events, or where ever you decide to use our displays!