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How often should I change or update my vendor table display?

How often should I change or update my vendor table display? 0

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We get this question a lot......

How often should I change the look of my vendor table, craft table, or vendor booth?

If you attend vendor events or craft shows every month and have repeat customers that see you each month, or even quarterly, we recommend changing up the look of your display AT LEAST 4 times a year.

It's similar to the way retail stores utilize merchandising to change up the look of their store, signage and product displays to coordinate with different seasons. It gives your customers a fresh look at what you are selling, even if the products aren't new! Customers who frequent craft shows or vendor events look for their favorite vendors more than you realize, so periodically, give them something new to see!

One of the easiest ways to do this is to change your display and coordinate it with the different seasons. You don't want to get crazy with too many decorations, but something as simple as adding a vase of Spring flowers to your table or changing the color of your tablecloth in March can give it a whole new Spring feel! When winter has been dragging on, people welcome the idea that Spring is around the corner and puts people in a good mood!

Signage is another easy way to change the look of your display. Print off colorful 5"x7" or 8.5"x11" signs that you can have laminated and then display on your table that coordinate with the look you are going for. In Spring, add a floral border to the sign in colors that coordinate with your products and display! You can purchase inexpensive sign holders here that will make displaying these signs really easy and won't take up very much room!

You can also change the color of the product displays you use on your table, too. This is another simple, yet inexpensive way to give your vendor table a whole new look! Product displays come in so many different colors and designs, which makes them fun and easy to use to change up your display more often! Click here to view product displays you may want to use.

Lastly, be SUBTLE in your changes. You don't need to be SO literal or go overboard. Just add enough or change enough to give your vendor table display or booth a fresh look that is consistent with the time of the year you are selling your products for.

Look for more craft show and vendor event tips from Stack Displays in other blog posts!

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Using PINK in Your Product Displays and Vendor Booth 0

Pink Tiered Product Table Vendor Displays

If the color PINK is your main product or branding color, here are some tips on how to use it more effectively when setting up a product display or vendor booth!



Most of us know that pink is represented with feelings of love, nurturing or compassion. Some shades of pink give off a feeling of romance or intimacy, while other bolder shades can make you feel more on the "passionate" side! If your main color is PINK, then it is probably safe to say that the majority of your potential customers are women. Most women are comfortable with the color pink. It is calming and puts people in a more nurturing or calm state of mind.


Visually, PINK is usually appealing to women, however, it is possible to utilize TOO MUCH pink in your display or on a single vendor table. If your space is small, or you are just utilizing one or two tables to set up, don't over-do it with too much pink. If your products are PINK or have a lot of PINK in the packaging, make them stand out by using a contrasting color like a black table covering or by using a black product display to set them on. I'm a big fan of using a black backround for many types of displays, as it makes it easier to give your products and what you are selling "center stage". However, if your products themselves are black or have very dark colors in their packaging, then you may want to use a lighter contrasting color to set them on. 

Be careful of using different shades of PINK that DO NOT match! It is ok to use different shades of the SAME COLOR. Think of how ombré colors looks, or a color swatch that you get from the paint store. They are different shades of the same color and it is very pleasing to the eye. 


Not all women like a "girly" feel to things and using the wrong shades of pink or too much pink can make your display look like it is geared to a YOUNGER female demographic. So unless your potential customers are little girls, tweens or teens, be careful of the shades of pink you use and HOW MUCH PINK you use! Again, unless you are appealing to little girls, less is more when using pink!


A PINK vendor booth will definitely stand out in the crowd. Many people today are utilizing different color pop up tents, not only to match the color of their branding, but more importantly, to make their booth stand out! When you are setting up among many vendors, each using a tent, a pink booth or pop-up tent will definitely catch the eyes of your potential female customers! They will also be able to easily locate you in a crowd of many vendors. If you can, make sure to buy a pink tent that is the right shade of pink and matches the colors you are using in your display! Things like this may not seem very important, but I have had people visit my own booth in the past, simply because they recognized the color of my tent and the way I visually set it up. I used to also utilize curtains around my tent to give it a more refined, beautiful feel. So, if you do multiple events, don't discount what the outside of your booth looks like, as well as the inside!


If you are setting up a booth utilizing a lot of pink, you can add some items that can give the color pink a more mature, classy feel to it. Some of the most beautiful display booths I have seen have had a faux chandelier hanging from the middle of the tent! Adding some acrylic or solid black displays can also give your entire display a more sophisticated look.


PINK is a beautiful color, but be mindful to how you use it, what SHADES you use and how MUCH of it you use! As I always suggest, stand back from your display when you set it up and look at it from the point of view of the customer walking by.

We always love seeing how people set up their displays or vendor booths, so feel free to send us pics and show us how you do it! We might just feature you on our Facebook PageInstagram, or Pinterest account! Comment below and give us YOUR thoughts on using the color PINK!


 Pink Stack Displays for Vendor Events and Craft Shows


Looks are EVERYTHING!!! The hard truth about setting up a vendor display booth. 1

Think about it.....

A person is walking through a busy vendor show, they only have a certain amount of time to visit as many vendors as possible. Which vendor booths will they take the time to stop at and why?

I don't care what you sell or how great your product is. People will stop at the booths that are visually appealing 1st, then what product you sell will be the 2nd reason a person visits your booth.

Want to pull people in that may not have thought about purchasing your product before? Make your booth look AMAZING! Give them a reason to enter your "product world" by creating a look and feel that they can't resist being a part of! Visual attractiveness will pull people in. It makes people curious. Even if they have never heard of your company, if they are visually attracted to your display, they will walk into your space to "find out" what it is you sell!

So what if you don't set up in a booth "space" and only have a 6 or 8 foot table to utilize to capture people's attention? GREAT! That's less work for you, but be CREATIVE! There are ways to utilize a small space to still give it that "wow factor"! Just don't over-do it! In a small space, less is definitely more! Give your display a clean, professional look. 

Don't set up your booth from the inside out. Set it up from the outside in! I know, I know......that sounds weird, but what it means is this: Set up your booth always imagining yourself as a potential customer looking in to your booth. Imagine what THEY are seeing as they walk by. Ask yourself, "would I want to stop by this booth?" 

How you set up your booth, table and product displays is essential to your success! Looks really ARE everything! 

Check back to read our next blog post on more specific tricks and ideas to really making your vendor booth or table stand out!!!

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